Based on Bentley Continental Flying Spur

Having a STOOF International armoured Bentley Flying Spur is having a place where you and your fellow travellers can enjoy the freedom of class leading security.

Vehicles are exclusively built according to the specific security arrangements desired by the client or requesting authority.

The vehicle portrays a luxurious elegance while at the same time inconspicuously retains its integrated security features.

We have physically built discretion into our security concept.

Vehicles are built within full compliance and in accordance to the protection levels pr EN 1063 / EN 1522 / 1523 CEN – European Committee for Standardisation. In some instances, variations of classifications have been combined, providing for example a higher level of transparent glass protection, such as STANAG level II ballistic glass.

Armoured in accordance to level B6 / B7 CEN pr EN 1063 / EN 1522 / 1523.

Security Options Available

  • Fire suppressant system / engine bay
  • Fire suppressant system for each wheel arch and under-body area
  • Four hydraulic window-lifters / extended lowering capability
  • Integrated strobe police type built into lights
  • Alarm system
  • Run-flat system / spare
  • Exclusive ballistic approved TÜV / MOT rims
  • Upgraded specially designed suspension system front & back
  • All round heavy duty upgraded compensated breaking system
  • Transparent armoured glass – all round
  • Opaque / composition armour
  • Protected fuel tank
  • Privacy curtains / blinds

We are able to deliver a large range of security and comfort appointments.

Personal preferences are fulfilled to individual tastes upon demand.

Customised Solutions

  • Security & luxury comfort options available
  • Dividing driver partition wall with lower raise function
  • Raised roof access opportunities various heights
  • Tinted glass - various light transmissions
  • TFT / monitor screen installation
  • Integrated drinks cabinet with cool heat function
  • Front wing(s) pennant staff pole / with illumination
  • Multimedia installations; PC, Bluetooth, Audio, printer
  • Extensive selection of various wood / leather veneers
  • Personal emblems / coat of arms
  • Wool carpeting various textures, colours, designs, logos
  • Supplementary air-conditioning
  • Emergency exit(s)
  • Parade roof various designs and operations
  • Individual passenger oxygen masks
  • Chemical gas filter for air-conditioning unit
  • Smoke canister realise system
  • Interchange revolving licence plates
  • Electrically operated compact table surfaces

The project is supported by the Ministry for Economic Affairs, Labour and Energy of the Federal State of Brandenburg (MWAE) from funds of the European Social Fund (ESF) and the Federal State of Brandenburg. Read more