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717 Air Jack Essential for all armoured 4x4 cross-country utility vehicles recovery situations. Ideally suited for uneven surfaces and muddy, sandy conditions. The air jack is attached to the vehicle exhaust and utilises the gasses to inflate the bag. After the vehicle recovery is complete releasing a valve lowers the vehicle. The air jack should not be used in the same capacity as a regular garage workshop jack.   240,00 Euro
718 Sand ladders 1.5 meter (pair) Manufactured by STOOF International, these 1.5 metres long sand ladders are supplied as a pair. A very useful and indispensable accessory. For recovery situation in sandy and desert conditions. These sand ladders will provide the extra grip required to get the vehicle out of very soft sand.   750,00 Euro
719 Ramming Bumper bar – reinforced steel / front Manufactured from black coated steel, the reinforced bar will enable the vehicle in potential and dangerous security situations to ram aggressive vehicles out of the way and to push through illegal barricades and check-points. The lower bumper area is built with reinforced steel for ramming purposes and has specially adapted mountings to absorb the impact.   1550,00 Euro
720 Ramming Bumper bar – reinforced steel / rear Applying the same principles as the front bumper bar, the rear bumper bar is also reinforced with steel. Enabling vehicle to apply the same type of ramming force in the other direction, i.e. the rear. Extremely helpful in a dangerous threat to security situation, whereby the vehicle finds itself boxed in, or cannot turn around.   1900,00 Euro
721 Emergency Escape Hatch The escape hatch is located directly over the second seating row and discreetly integrated into the roof fittings and opaque armour. In the event of the vehicle being tipped over or having other exits barred - passengers have an additional exit from the vehicle via the roof area. By inserting a heavy duty universal key, would be rescuers can gain access into the cabin area to rescue passengers.   2700,00 Euro
722 Dark / tinted ballistic glass With a choice of 10% or 30% light transmission each security glass widow can be tinted upon customer request. Tinted windows not only help reduce heat build-up in a hot climate, they can also provide privacy for vehicle passengers and prevent unwanted attention.   120,00 Euro
per glass
723 Fabric seating & colour choice Seat covering from vinyl to fabric on the lower specification models for all x5 seats. Fabric covering not only enhances the appearance of the vehicle interior, it also adds to the passenger comfort in hot and humid climates, as well as cold.   1500,00 Euro
724 Fire extinguishers – hand held 1kg 1kg fire extinguisher, including mounted fitting. Allowing for a fast response to small electrical or engine fires. In some countries the carrying of a fire extinguisher is required by law.   1 kg Price: 50 Euro
2 kg Price: 85 Euro
725 Flag / Pennant staff pole High quality staff (chrome) pole comes complete with holder and is mounted to vehicle front vehicle wing. Small size flags and pennants can be attached to the pole to display vehicle passenger identity / status. Pole can be detached and stored away quickly.   900 Euro
726 Hilux - Flat Cover Lockable aluminium flat cover designed to protect items stored within the pick-up cargo area. The strong reinforced surface in combination with a securing rail allows additional items to be placed on top, weighing up to 100kgs. The cover has a simple hinge system supported by powerful gas shock springs for easy opening. Access can be gained from three sides.   from
2330 Euro
727 Light bars Providing a visible warning for emergency services, the aerodynamic designed light bar is mounted to the roof of the vehicle. Built in halogen lights are activated from within the vehicle cab by means of a separate switch. The light bar can be ordered with the appropriate service sign reading, i.e. POLICE, AMBULANCE etc.   range from
1590 Euro
728 Roof rack – heavy duty for 4 x 4 types vehicles A solid construction roof rack can be mounted with ease to the roof of the vehicle for additional space for equipment and spares. With screw in type brackets, the roof rack is secured safely and securely.   900 Euro
729 Run-Flat tyre system x1 complete Tyre; Run-flat; Rim; installation. In the event of the vehicle receiving a puncture, blow-out or deflated tyres the Run-flat system will allow the vehicle to continue driving under controlled conditions for a minimum of 15 km @ 50km/h. A run-flat system is a very important security measure. Keeping the vehicle mobile is absolutely essential in regards to keeping up with other support vehicles, as well as be able to drive out of a direct danger zone.   Price: 1.100 Euro 15 km @ 50 km/h
Price: 1.500 Euro 50 km @ 50 km/h
730 Spare parts package Contains vehicle parts, which would be required for normal servicing during the first (1) year of ownership. Package includes oil filters, radiator hoses, spark plugs, thermostat, fan belt, an assortment of various lamp bulbs, gasket seals etc. In addition certain individual items will be added to the package taking into consideration the additional payload the vehicle has to operate under due to excess heavy armoured components. Armoured vehicles require servicing checks at earlier intervals.   3000 Euro
731 Snow chains For better traction in snow covered regions. Each kit contains a set of x2 snow chains. For 4x4 cross-country vehicles two sets are recommended.   400 Euro
732 Spot lights Exclusively designed for off-road use direct beam provides an effective range of 4000 – 5000 feet for safe driving. Provided with heavy-duty protection lenses and coverings.   180 Euro
733 Stone chip light protectors Tough durable heavy-duty plastic protectors that clip onto the front of the vehicle main headlights. Protects head light glass against loose stones and foreign objects flying up and damaging the glass surface. Also useful against deliberate stone throwing incidents.   180 Euro
734 Sump guard & steering protection plates The skid plate is attached underneath the front bumper area of the vehicle. Manufactured from steel, the coverings provide protection to the vehicle’s underside against stones and loose objects from flying up into the engine compartment from below. Protection also incorporates the vehicle steering mechanism and allows for oil change without removal.   650 Euro
735 Swing out spare wheel carrier Ideally fixed to the right height for better access, the swing out spare wheel carrier makes changing a wheel easier. Featuring a quick action heavy duty adjustable release catch with safety pin, automatic spring loaded locating mechanism to hold the carrier open, adjustable and lockable wheel mounting facility, and tapered pivot bearing for ease of use and long life. Constructed from steel plate and finished in a black powder-coat.   2.300 Euro
(not including extra wheel Run flat system)
736 Hydraulic Vehicle Jacks Various types of hydraulic Jacks Trolley and Bottle for quick operation. Capable of lifting and supporting armoured vehicles.   from
430 Euro
737 Window lifter The window lifter allows ballistic windows to be lowered by approximately 200 mm to serve as a document pass through. Space is available for the placement of an emergency flashing beacon on the roof without having to open the door of the vehicle. A reliable window lifter is an essential security feature enabling vehicle occupants to stay inside the confines of the passenger safety cell while negotiating vehicle checkpoints.   2500 Euro
738 Vehicle Insignia designs Various designs and layouts possible. Professionally applied insignia designs according to official guidelines / regulations. Correct colour code applications. Vehicle designs / logos for international organisations such as United Nations (UN), POLICE, AMBULANCE, FIRE SERVICE, EOD, SECURITY etc.   Prices dependent upon layout and design.
739 Turbo-charger system additional A turbo-charger is a device that compresses the engines air intake. The energy used to compress the air comes from a turbine in the exhaust flow, which, via a shaft drives the compressor wheel (impeller) in the intake. The energy would normally be expelled through the exhaust as heat. The turbo-charger is an efficient means of producing extra power. Turbo also comes complete with an air intake cooler for operations in extremely hot climates. 95 KW / 130 HP to 129 KW / 175 HP.   4.100 Euro
(inclusive installation) Model Toyota 76/78/79/105
740 Thuraya THAPSO2510 Only Handset complete with battery, mains charger and international adaptors, USB data cable, earpiece. User guide in English quick start guide and CD-ROM containing 10 language user manuals and windows software drivers + THSATVDA2510N SAT-VDA Hands free car kit vehicle docking adaptor for Thuraya SO-2510 complete with cradle, 3 in 1 external antenna, universal stand.   1800 Euro
741 Towing webbing leash with 4000kg rolling load capacity Polyamide Nylon webbing fibre-towing leash TÜV approved for vehicle recovery. Comes complete with x2 “D” type galvanised and powder coated shackles.   150 Euro
742 Wheel locking nuts Set of x4 wheel nuts with special key for removal and installation. Preventing theft of vehicles wheels. Taking into consideration that most armoured vehicles operate with an expensive run-flat system, these wheel-locking nuts could be a sound investment.   80 Euro
743 Tool kit Complete set of 12 piece ring/flat spanners to DIN 3113 forged of CrV steel, one each 6 to 15, 17 and 19 mm. Knipex 180 mm combination pliers and 240 mm water pump pliers with through lock system. Felo screwdriver set 8,0 x 1,2; 5,5 x 1,0 and 3,0 x 0,5 mm flat. Philips size 2 and two stubbies, one each Philips size 2 and flat 5,5 x 1,0 mm. Automotive tester with cable and crocodile clip is used on the vehicle's power source for fault-tracing in the electrical system. The sockets and parts are made of CrV steel (31 CrV 3) to DIN 899. Sizes: 8 - 10 - 12 - 13 - 14 - 15 - 17 - 19 - 22 and 24 mm. Ratchet with one finger change-over mechanism and neoprene grip. Universal joint and one each extension of 125 and 250 mm. The long T bar is typically used to loosen wheel nuts. Plug sockets 16 and 21 mm. Allen keys of sizes 5 - 6 - 8 and 10 mm. Peddinghaus 300 g hammer with Ultramide handle.   350 Euro
744 Engine compartment fire suppressant cartridge Cartridge fire suppressant system for engine compartment, operated from within cabin area at the press of a button mounted into vehicle console or dashboard.   700 Euro
745 Radiator Grill Armour Retaining the original OEM vehicle radiator grill, the radiator is protected against head on projectiles leading on to the loss of vitalfluid leakage. This can result in a possible engine seizure which can seriously incapacitate the vehicle’s speed and manoeuvrability capability while trying to undertake evasive action. The additional armoured protection is discreet and does not alter the outward appearance of the vehicle. In combination the bonnet has a built in hot air release vent to let hot air out of the engine compartment.   1370 Euro
746 Vehicle Colour Re-spray The standard colour of the vehicle can be changed to any colour according to customer choice. Colours can be chosen from a colour code chart system. Vehicle re-spray does not include the engine compartment.   Price: 2.500 Euro (Toyota LC 100/105)
Price: 2.800 Euro (Toyota LC200)
747 Universal Gun Port for opaque armour Mounted in a strategic optimal position such as rear or side door panel location. The leaver is either pulled or turned allowing the protective plate to be slid to one side. The barrel of the weapon is then inserted. Ideally located below the surface of the OEM soft steel so that the actual location of the gun port can not be detected from the outside.   850 Euro
748 WARN Winch XD 9000 for self recovery Fully integrated into the bull bar, the XD 9000 is a must for all utility 4x4 vehicles. With the aid of a remote control handset, this winch will allow for a 30 metres recovery action with a maximum pull weight of 4082 kg. The XD 9000 incorporates a 3-stage planetary gear drive powered by a 4.6 hp motor.   2130 Euro
749 Spare Wheel Quick Release System In dangerous regions spare wheels need to be changed in double quick time. This quick release system allows for the spare wheel to be lowered unconventionally with a controlled movement. Operated by releasing a split pin and pulling the leaver, the spare wheel can be lowered and pulled out quickly and thus avoiding the standard vehicle lowering cable and wind down handle.   430 Euro
750 STANAG II NATO LEVEL Ballistic Glass The six side ballistic glass windows upgraded from the CEN BR 6 level, (39,0mm) to the STANAG II NATO level. Increased thickness 55 mm – total of x6 pieces. Additional reinforced to accommodate the additional 133kgs weight difference from the BR6 level. Door window overlaps are also replaced with a wider band. The main objective in placing 55mm glass in the horizontal transparent armour areas is to increase the protection against roadside bomb detonations. Calibre 7.62 x 39 mm, API BZ, AK 47, (Kalashnikov) Armoured Piercing Incendiary.   8000 Euro
751 Bull Bar Manufactured from black coated steel, the bull bar will help to minimise the damage in the event of a collision. The bull bar not only protects the vehicle from regular rough driving conditions, it also provides mounting locations for various pieces of additional equipment such as a low mount winch, driving spot lights, communication aerials, convoy flags etc.   1550 Euro
752 Fire extinguisher system for engine / compartment A perforated pipeline surrounds the vehicle motor and engine compartment. The actual pipeline is initially not under pressure. Once the fire extinguisher system is activated the pressure is released from a refillable aerosol canister. A very effective powder suffocates the flames quickly, denying the fire the oxygen it requires. This can be done either manually or automatically. The automatic version is connected to a fire sensor wire located on the underside of the vehicle hood / bonnet. This comes into operation between temperatures 168° C and 180° C. The motor compartment and fire extinguisher system is very easy to clean after operation.   3675 Euro
753 Motorola VHF GM 360 Mobile radio equipment - Professional Motorola Professional Radius GM 360 Mobile unit. With 255 channels, select 5 and PL included. Standard microphone, mounting frame, battery connecting cables 12 volt. One line display, operating instructions. Compatible antenna. Including installation / labour.   1400 Euro
754 Motorola VHF Mobile radio equipment GM 160 GM 160 mobile unit, with 128 channels: with its large 14 character alphanumeric display. Menu driven operation (in conjunction with menu navigation keys), signal strength indicator, address book, clock, reminder alarm, multi-lingual support. Versatility makes the Motorola GM 160 Professional Radio an essential in-vehicle communication tool. Including installation / labour.   1200 Euro
755 Raised air intake snorkel Every cross-country vehicle engine depends on air for its operation. The raised air intake snorkel draws in air from roof level where dust and sand grains are not as thick and plentiful as in the engine compartment area. The relatively clearer air intake through the raised snorkel will help extend the air filter effectiveness, and reduce additional wear and tear on engine components. The raised air intake snorkel is also extremely useful for stream and river crossings.   800 Euro
756 Rotating flashing blue / orange beacons Emergency / warning flashing beacons can be attached to the roof of the vehicle with the aid of a magnet base or simply placed upon the dashboard. Various shapes and sizes, colours and colour combinations.   ranging from
280 Euro
757 Codan NGT SR Mobile Package 400 Channels • Innovative handset user interface • 400 channels, 1.6-30MHz • 125 watts (PEP), 12VDC, USB/LSB/AM • In-built Easitalk speech processing • Emergency selcall • Selective call • Phone call • Message call (64 characters) • Scanning • Handset programming • Remote Diagnostics • Morse call capability • GPS facility (Optional) • Upgradeable for fax, high speed data and e-mail • Codan Automated Link Management (CALM) compatible • with FED-STD-1045 ALE systems (optional) meets MIL • -STD 810E for shock and vibration.   5000 Euro including installation. Installation price only if unit is supplied by vehicle purchaser. Price: 400 Euro
758 Codan - NGT VR Mobile Package 20 Channel NGT VR Mobile 2011 RF Unit with NGT VR 2020 Handset and loudspeaker 9350 automatic tuning whip antenna featuring fast tuning and ease of installation. Supplied with stainless steel and fibreglass whip tops, interface cable, coaxial cable and spring. Vehicle installation hardware, comprising of vehicle mounting cradle, DC power and interface control cables, installation kit, fuse holder with fuse. • Innovative handset user interface • 20 channels, 1.6-30 MHz • 125 watts (PEP), 12 V.DC, SB/LSB/AM • In-built Easitalk speech processing • Emergency call • Selective call • Phone call (Optional) • Codan Automated Link Management (CALM) compatible • with FED-STD-1045 ALE systems (optional) • Voice encryption facility (optional) • Scanning • Handset programming • Remote diagnostics (Optional) • Morse call capability • Meets MIL-STD 810E for shock and vibration   4.500 Euro
(Including installation)
759 Side support steps Made out of anodised aluminium or steel frame. These side steps option provide passenger ease whilst entering the vehicle. Steps come with a non-slip grip surface. Steps are attached to the vehicle sub-frame. Side support steps have two additional vehicle jacking points enabling the vehicle to be raised from the side.   1600 Euro
760 Additional Anti-mine Floor Protection The anti-mine floor protection application is used to neutralise the blast fragmentation given out by traditional mines and improvised explosive devices (IED’s). The positioning of the shaped plate helps to absorb the energy from the explosion and work in combination with the regular floor armour. The gap between the outer plate and the floor armour will dissipate the blast effect. There is however no 100% protection against military designed anti-vehicle mines, but to a certain degree the effects can be reduced. The anti-mine floor protection is secured to the chassis of the vehicle covering the entire passenger cabin area. Flat headed bolts are utilised for easy access for removal or repair. The additional weight is around 130 kgs.   3000 Euro
761 Tyres and Rims Replacement tyres or additional tyres are available to either send out separately or together with each vehicle delivery. Quality brand names with the correct weight and handling specifications for each armoured vehicle. Rim exchanges from aluminium to steel can also be supplied.   Prices vary according to required specification
762 BLAUPUNKT CD / Radio DVD Entertainment Entertainment music system with various functions, various models available. Inclusive installation.   ranges from
390 Euro
763 Pick-up Canopies Various types of pick-up, hardtop (aluminium / fibreglass) or softtop canopies. Combinations of windows and lift up doors. Various sizes and forms, and if required made to measure or designed for special purpose.   from
2100 Euro
764 Eibach Coil Springs for armoured Land Cruiser 200 The company Eibach Germany together with the company Bilstein was specially commissioned to manufacture these reinforced components to make up the suspension system for the armoured Toyota Land Cruiser 200 (TROJAN) model. These parts are only available for STOOF International and have been specially tuned for the armoured B6 & B7 ballistic level weights.   1600 Euro
per set
765 Front stabiliser bar for armoured Land Cruiser 200 The company Eibach Germany together with the company Bilstein was specially commissioned to manufacture these reinforced components to make up the suspension system for the armoured Toyota Land Cruiser 200 (TROJAN) model. These parts are only available for STOOF International and have been specially tuned for the armoured B6 & B7 ballistic level weights.   640 Euro
766 Rear stabiliser bar for armoured Land Cruiser 200 The company Eibach Germany together with the company Bilstein was specially commissioned to manufacture these reinforced components to make up the suspension system for the armoured Toyota Land Cruiser 200 (TROJAN) model. These parts are only available for STOOF International and have been specially tuned for the armoured B6 & B7 ballistic level weights.   660 Euro
767 Bilstein Shocks The company Eibach Germany together with the company Bilstein was specially commissioned to manufacture these reinforced components to make up the suspension system for the armoured Toyota Land Cruiser 200 (TROJAN) model. These parts are only available for STOOF International and have been specially tuned for the armoured B6 & B7 ballistic level weights.   1550 Euro
per set
768 ECM Installation only Pre-installation of Electronic Counter Measure (ECM) coax and power cables supplied by ECM company on behalf of end-user. Cable fully integrated professionally and neatly packed away between the armouring components as according to the original manufactures operational requirements.   2800 Euro
769 Raised air intake snorkel removal Certain specification base unit Toyota Land Cruisers 200’s are equipped with the raised air intake snorkel as standard. Removal of snorkel will require the fitting and replacement of new front right fender, plus re-spray and the filling in of fixing screws holes are included in end price.   1000 Euro
770 Intercom system Intercom system enables vehicle passengers to conduct two-way communication to persons outside the vehicle. An important security feature eliminating the necessity to open windows or doors at vehicle check points etc. Hidden microphones are located in both outer exterior wing mirrors. A two-way conversation can be conducted with a robust handset located within the interior cabin draw compartment. Controls enable the occupants to listen and talk with volume control. System also serves as an effective public address (PA) system.   2400 Euro
771 Emergency Type Strobe Lights Various strobe light combinations with various colour arrangements built discreetly behind front radiator grills or integrated into vehicle headlights. Blinking sequence as according to set regulations or customer request.   range from
850 Euro
772 Ballistic Glass – BR 4 – BR 7 Ballistic glass needs to be replaced for many various reasons. We are able to supply all types of ballistic glass and if required technicians will travel to field locations to fit the glass components into the vehicle(s). We constantly have a stock of ballistic glass located within our stores department.   varies
773 Folding Codan Antenna bracket Specially designed folding Codan Antenna bracket allowing for the antenna mast to be lowered flat across the ramming or bull bar bumper. Mast can be lowered or raised with seconds.   380 Euro
774 Heavy Duty Armoured Door Hinges In order to hold the additional weight of the armoured doors specially made forged door hinges are required. Various types of door hinge available, side or lift-up tailgate variants. Pillars need to be initially reinforced to hold weight.   range from
2800 Euro
775 Fuel lines protection - armour Armoured casing completely following the contours of the vehicle pipeline. Providing additional protection against surface IED’s and debris. Made with certified armoured steel.   1100 Euro
776 Jump Seats Additional fold up / drop down jump seats can be mounted into the rear cargo compartment of 4 x 4 vehicles. Together with safety seat belt. Seats provide rear seating while at the same time providing optimal space saving for cargo. Seat material colour matched to interior upholstery.   1480 Euro
777 Mobile Thermal Camera Imager A small hidden thermal camera is hidden behind the front radiator grill of the vehicle. The actual camera and housing are robust to take the punishment of harsh cross country driving conditions.
Camera has a range of a couple of hundred meters with a wide field of view, with the real ability to see objects and people at an effective range of 250 meters in total darkness. As well as smoke, dust and light fog. The benefit being that CP members will have this situation awareness capability of a potential incident up to 800 feet in front of their direction of movement. Camera is wired to a monitor screen located in the front cabin area.
  7000 Euro
778 Diesel Auxiliary second fuel tank LC200 Additional fuel tank mounted underneath the vehicle holding 55 litres. Second fuel tank is also ballistically protected.   1900 Euro
779 Brake Blocks / Pads Specially made hardened brake components for armoured vehicles requiring more stopping power and a longer wear down. Original OEM brakes wear down rapidly if not replace with heavy duty hard brakes. An essential requirement on any spares list.   Front 170 Euro
Rear 130 Euro
780 Reinforced Brake Pipes Braking pressure is increased by utilising the reinforced brake pipes.   80 Euro
per kit
781 Directional Reconnaissance System for Heavy Vehicles Specially designed for armoured vehicles; Mounted to the roof the central pole contains five cameras able to zoom in on specific areas and pan at 360° with tilt and zoom capabilities. Also available IR night vision and software for video images. Outside observation made on internal TFT screen mounted in cabin area.   Prices as according to configuration.
782 Brake Discs LC200 Brake discs with slits and holes to help keep the build up heat down when breaking.   Front 680 Euro
Rear 720 Euro
783 Brake Fluid DOT 5 Brake fluid specially manufactured with a higher heat temperature. Ideal product for armoured vehicles operating in hot regions.   17 Euro
per litre