Based on the Mercedes-Benz G Wagon

Armoured in accordance to certified level B6 CEN pr EN 1063 / EN 1522 / 1523. Also available in level B7 and STANAG level II.

The Mercedes-Benz G Wagon is a representative rugged SUV. This particular armoured 4 x 4 SUV vehicle lends itself to a wide variety of tasks. Although designed to be a durable, reliable and rugged off-roader, the G Wagon is also seen as a state of the art luxury utility vehicle.

Armoured G-Wagon characteristics

  • impressive representative vehicle
  • wide choice of base units with numerous base unit configurations to choose from
  • comparative high cost of initial base unit
  • not simple purchase with spare parts and technical support when operation in a region whereby the infrastructure is no longer in tact (rugged military type model is specially made to order)
  • interior upholstery completely replaced and fitted out with a high quality durable grey / black / beige fitting
  • standardly armoured with NO inner doors or dividing walls

Dimensions & Weights (G500)

5.228 mm
1.936 mm
1.760 mm
2.850 mm
3.580 kg
Gross vehicle weight
4.000 kg
420 kg

Included Standard Security Equipment

  • Alarm siren x3 tone
  • All round heavy duty upgraded compensated breaking system
  • Anti-explosion exhaust insert
  • Back door configuration manual/ electronic
  • Battery additional vehicle support (Back up)
  • Battery armour protection x2
  • Batteries isolator switch
  • Door restraints
  • Engine fire suppressant system
  • Exclusive ballistic approved TÜV / MOT rims
  • Hinges reinforced
  • Intercom system
  • Protected fuel tank(s)
  • Protected vehicle management system (black box)
  • Run-Flat tyre system x5
  • Rear cargo windows (optional)
  • Side wing full length engine compartment armour
  • Suspension system front & back upgraded and specially designed
  • Tail lights / interior "Kill switch"

Wide choice of extras upon request.