Toyota Land Cruiser 76 Hardtop

Armoured in accordance to certified level B6 CEN pr EN 1063 / EN 1522 / 1523. Also available in level B7 and STANAG level II.

The Toyota Land Cruiser Hardtop 76 is a straight forward workhorse type vehicle. It is ideal for humanitarian aid organisations, as logistical support for police or security companies operating in rough terrain or dangerous regions.

Armoured 76 model pros

  • low profile from a security prospective
  • discreet inconspicuous outward appearance even after being fully armoured
  • perfect blending into everyday street scene
  • cost effective owing to low base unit price compared to 200 series
  • easy maintenance backed up by the world’s largest vehicle dealership
  • base unit specifically chosen for the region in which the vehicle will operate
  • interior upholstery completely replaced and fitted out with a high quality durable grey / black / beige fitting

Dimensions & Weights

5.060 mm
2.115 mm
1.710 mm
2.980 mm
Axle ground clearance
235 mm
Kerb weight
2.560 kg
Gross Weight
3.700 kg
750 kg (Subject to equipment installed)

Included Standard Security Equipment

  • Alarm siren x3 tone
  • All round heavy duty upgraded compensated breaking system
  • Anti-explosion exhaust insert
  • Back door configuration manual/ electronic
  • Battery additional vehicle support (Back up)
  • Battery armour protection x2
  • Batteries isolator switch
  • Door restraints
  • Engine fire suppressant system
  • Exclusive ballistic approved TÜV / MOT rims
  • Hinges reinforced
  • Intercom system
  • Protected fuel tank(s)
  • Protected vehicle management system (black box)
  • Run-Flat tyre system x5
  • Rear cargo windows (optional)
  • Side wing full length engine compartment armour
  • Suspension system front & back upgraded and specially designed
  • Tail lights / interior "Kill switch"

Various options upon request.

The project is supported by the Ministry for Economic Affairs, Labour and Energy of the Federal State of Brandenburg (MWAE) from funds of the European Social Fund (ESF) and the Federal State of Brandenburg. Read more