Tests by the official German National ballistics testing laboratory

Under the stringent control of the official German National ballistics testing laboratory Mellrichstadt, the armoured Toyota Land Cruiser TROJAN® was ballistically tested as according to the requirements of the BRV 1999 VRG. The TROJAN® passed this ballistic integrity qualification and is officially certified as according to VR6.

Armour materials and ballistic glass officially proven

The components and materials required for the building of an armoured vehicle can be purchased and utilised by any organisation. The term CEN B6 together with the official certification confirm that the opaque armour materials as well as the ballistic glass materials meet this classification, once officially proven by a recognised ballistic testing authority. This is important information to know as a buyer. All suppliers of ballistic glass and steel are able to present the necessary paperwork relating to the products they produce.

Toyota Land Cruiser TROJAN® fully tested

However, the actual ballistic integrity for the whole of the armoured vehicle can only be proven once the complete vehicle has been fully tested (i.e. by having the vehicle shot under controlled laboratory conditions). Without the completion of a vehicle ballistic testing, there is no guarantee that the materials being utilised have covered all potential entries into the vehicle cabin area. Without this reassurance, examples such as insufficient overlapping overheated steel areas caused by cutting, unprotected areas under welding beads or even spot welding techniques could well be present!

International recognised vehicle resistance level of
protection certified

There is no such thing as a bullet proof car, this is old terminology. However, the certified model VR6 does offer an international recognised Vehicle Resistance level of protection.