Important Notice For Our Customers!

As you might have heard, a German magazine published an article concerning our TROJAN® cars on July 11, 2015. The magazine falsely reports, that one of our cars was shot at and perforated in Sanaa. This is wrong, as it was the car of a competitor. In addition, the magazine asserts that some of our cars were grounded and that a European agency was investigating against us. This as well is wrong. We are taking legal action against the German magazine and the competitor who has initiated the article for libel and other misdemeanors. All our cars afford the necessary certification and offer the best possible protection.

Hyundai Equus Armoured Limousine / Sedan Luxury Class

STOOF International introduces a true luxury flagship armoured limousine / Sedan with a certified protection level VR7 issued by the German National Ballistics Laboratory (Beschussamt Munich).

Developed and built with the cooperation and support of the automobile original manufacturer (OEM), this vehicle incorporates an intricate range of upgraded features specially designed in cooperation with the OEM.

The range of extravagant features on this vehicle overshadow its direct competitors by far, soft-grain leather throughout the whole vehicle with massaging seats at all four seating positions, complimented with polished walnut trims.

The complex armouring process has successfully incorporated all of these features without compromising any of the OEM intentions. The vehicle handles and drives with full TÜV / MOT regular road transportation requirements. Additional security supplements can be supplied and integrated upon request.

Vehicle can be supplied as a VVIP stretch Limousine model or Sedan.

Specially developed suspension system for the
armoured 4 x 4 Toyota TROJAN Series

Specially developed and commissioned suspension for the armoured Toyota TROJAN series. The entire suspension system such as shock absorbers and coil springs has been replaced with upgraded components to ensure optimal road safety and reliability. The vehicle braking system has been adapted to adhere additional weight constraints that have been applied to the vehicle main body components with the armouring. Tyres and rims have been approved for the higher weight ratio according to TÜV / MOT type recommendations and legal requirements.

These parts are only available for Stoof International and have been specially manufactured for the armoured B6 - B7 ballistic level weights.

The components have been branded and coloured with the Stoof International official red for easy identification. Shock absorbers have a different serial number registration with the OEM. Vehicles have been trial tested with these exclusive components by the specialist suspension companies over a test track with 17 different road / terrain surfaces.



The project is supported by the Ministry for Economic Affairs, Labour and Energy of the Federal State of Brandenburg (MWAE) from funds of the European Social Fund (ESF) and the Federal State of Brandenburg. Read more