After-Sales Service

Long-term service guaranteed

STOOF International continues to provide customer allegiance in its after-sales activities. All sales are made on the basis of maintaining a long term good customer relationship. With continuing support we are ready to follow through with after-sales requests for additional acquisitions of spare parts or technical advice.

Service-stations around the world

STOOF International has worldwide service bases. If there is any need for repairs or changes it is also possible to fly in a specially trained team.
As standard advice we recommend an all-purpose package of spare parts for a period 1-2 years with each initial vehicle order. Certain regions around the world will not have a ready supply of available resources. In the long run this will save valuable time, money and effort at a later date.

Quick operation

Whether you are looking for an additional alarm system, communication equipment, replacement glass, tyres, brakes - or just some straight forward answers: STOOF International will supply you with a fast response.

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