Stoof aftersales & Service –
Long-term support ensured

At STOOF International GmbH, we provide comprehensive, expert support to our customers. Our team of armoured vehicle specialists is available to assist you with everything from initial consultations to the delivery of your completed vehicle.

Even after the purchase, you can count on us for spare parts and aftersales services whenever you need them. As a family-owned global company, we guarantee fast, worldwide support for spare parts and extensions for your armoured vehicle. Choose STOOF International GmbH for long-term support you can rely on.

outstanding spare parts service incl aftersales support

STOOF International GmbH is committed to providing outstanding spare parts service to all of our customers, along with after-sales support that goes beyond the sales agreement. We believe in building strong customer relationships that are based on trust and mutual benefit. Our spare parts are supplied unconditionally, and we offer continuous customer support even after the purchase. With our high level of services, we are able to process all requests for additional spare parts and technical advice. Our commitment to customer satisfaction is the cornerstone of our business.

STOOF International GmbH
Service Stations worldwide

STOOF International GmbH operates service stations around the world. If your armored vehicle requires repairs or modifications, we can fly out a specially trained team to assist you.

For your first vehicle order, we recommend our universal package that includes spare parts for a period of one to two years. This package is especially convenient for regions of the world where there is a high demand for these parts, but supply is limited. Ultimately, this package will save you valuable time, money, and effort.

We ensure that our spare parts are always available to you whenever and wherever you need them. Our inventory includes additional alarm systems, communication equipment, replacement glazing, tires, brakes, and other simple assembly materials. Our response times will impress you every time. Moreover, to improve supply efficiency, we continuously stock special parts that can be shipped worldwide on request. If you need essential documentation, spare keys, user manuals, or certifications, we can dispatch them to you by international courier.

stoof driver training for armoured vehicles

Looking to enhance the safety of your staff while driving armoured vehicles? Look no further than STOOF International. We provide safety driver training for all levels of drivers, from beginners to professionals. Our comprehensive training program covers all stages of safety driving and equips your drivers with the necessary skills to operate armoured vehicles safely. With our professional training, your staff will become invaluable assets to your company.

Why is it important for your staff to complete a special training course for driving safety?

Driving custom safety vehicles is not like driving ordinary cars. It requires special handling, and the driver of an armored vehicle must learn to keep the vehicle completely under control at all times.

Aggressors use specific strategies, and the safety driver should be instructed on terrorist methods and tactics. Identifying an attack, even a few seconds before it commences, can save the lives of all occupants. Your driver should be able to analyze the mechanisms that can lead to a person being targeted.

During deployment, attacks may occur under unusual circumstances. The driver of an armored vehicle is responsible for the safety of all occupants while the vehicle is in motion. This job demands the greatest responsibility, and the driver should learn to respond immediately to every incident, whether arising from the vehicle’s handling or evasive maneuvers in emergencies.

Who is in charge of driving safety training at STOOF?

The STOOF International training team is made up of safety drivers, specially trained counter-terrorism experts, bodyguards, and security agents. All of these individuals have experienced first-hand several attacks and shootings in the most diverse areas of conflict. Therefore, they have a wealth of experience concerning dangerous situations, which they communicate to your drivers.

Where does driving safety training for armored vehicles take place?

Driver training can take place either on the STOOF International premises in Brandenburg or at the customer’s location. On-site appointments can be booked anywhere in the world.

How can I book driver training for armoured vehicles?

If you want to book driver training for armoured vehicles, please send an email to, or call us directly.

Basic Course

Our introductory course is the first stage of the training programme for safety drivers. It familiarises participants with the differences between armoured and unarmoured security vehicles.


This driving safety training course teaches defensive driving techniques in danger situations. Participants learn how to behave in case of a roadblock or any other threatening situation.


This driving safety training course aims to provide participants with an insight into tactical maneuvering from A to B. It also covers convoy driving as part of a coherent team.