Constant improvement

STOOF International Research & Development (R&D) department is constantly working on improving existing techniques.

In most instances armoured vehicles are sent to regions where the regular infrastructure has either collapsed or is not fully functional. Logistical support as well as spares is not always close at hand due to the circumstances. Vehicles are pushed to their limits and are forced to hold out longer than they were intended for. One of the main objectives is to keep the vehicle straight forward and simple, however modern day technology is constantly moving a head with microchip control panels and to some extent, sealed control units.

Evaluated feedback

The feedback received from end-users regarding the wear and tear and the behaviour of the vehicles is evaluated by our Research and Development department. Suggestions turn into solutions, and solutions into improved modifications.

Only quality brand name automotive parts

Company policy is to only make use of quality brand name automotive parts. A defective shock absorber can keep a vehicle off the road for a long time if the quality is not as good as it should be. In the long run the quality pays off, as it saves on having to send out qualified technicians and the use of overseas workshops.

With expert knowledge one step ahead

Although continually improving on the actual running of the vehicle, the Research and Development team, together with their colleagues in the production are always moving forward with new initiatives. Experience gained from building one particular vehicle, is automatically transferred onto the next once proven to be worthy.

The end-users of our products can only benefit from this gained knowledge.